Last update: 17. March 2023 19:21:37 (Europe/Berlin)

✅ Never detected / not considered a cheat / sold as it is (no updates)!

▸ Buys items from the FLEA MARKET
▸ Sells items at a higher price to traders
▸ Resolves captcha automatically.

it still has never been detected however it seems to be disfunctional or at least bugged for some people.
Please make sure to take a trial key before you buy to check out if it works fine for you!

As it was always stated, this does not receive updates and with the latest game changes it stopped working well!
So stop asking about it please.

Thanks to RedWrite#0681 for the video <3
Run over ~1 hour

A few examples of user feedback (I often forget to screenshot the feedback and put it here..)