Last update: 23. November 2023 14:23:19 (Europe/Berlin)

✅Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): Undetected
✅Windows 10/11 (ALL builds)
✅Intel processors
✅AMD processors
✅Stream proof

▸ Aimbot, you can choose if you want to run it or not and select an aimkey for it.
▸ Smoothing, to make your aim look more human
▸ Aimdelay, to slow down the aimsteps and again look more human
▸ Visibility check
▸ Ignore downed
▸ Fast reload
▸ Fast fire
▸ Instant revive
▸ ESP Name
▸ ESP Distance
▸ ESP Healthbar
▸ ESP Skeleton
▸ ESP Box
▸ ESP Line
▸ ESP Render sleep (in case you got a slow pc you can put a render delay)

A few examples of user feedback (I often forget to screenshot the feedback and put it here..)