Frequently asked questions

If I buy now, how long will it take to receive the product?
When the money is received on my end, you get direct access. No delay.

Can I get a discount?
I am not trying to make anybody poor here..
I am not charging much for anything. I would say I am fair but contact me on Discord and we can talk.

Can I resell your products?
Generally: Yes.
You can make an account here and check out the panel.
More details can be discussed on Discord.

Lifetime worth it? You keep it updated?
In most cases, Yes for you, not for me. I would rather have you buy a new key everyday (more money!).
I have been around since 2008.
Started to sell with this name in 2017.
Even keep my spoofer with more than 3000 active lifetime licenses up to date.. still.
So you decide how long you're gonna play the game the software you are looking at is made for.

What is a lifetime?
Lifetime means as long as the product is being updated / working.
That can be a second, a minute, a day, a week, a month, a year, or many years.
I've been updating my own products since I started this. I did not discontinue anything yet.

Locked to different HWID?
Go here and make sure to enter your correct serial key.

The underlying connection was closed
Your Antivirus is blocking the data stream of the loader.
It is recommended to download "Defender Control" to disable your windows defender fully.

Error getting handle / can not load driver
Please download my TroubleShooter

Does it work on a VM?
Most products if not all, don't work on a VM.
If you need to know for a specific product, ask me or take a trial key.

I have lost my serial key, how can I find it?
Your emails. You should always make sure to save it yourself.
Enter your OrderId on this page to find your serial key!

Where can I download the latest files?
Most of my products automatically update as the actual data is being streamed from the server.
Enter your OrderId on this page to find your download!

Can I get a trial?
Usually: Yes!
In reality, I am barely able to respond to all my private messages or support tickets.
Most programs work out of the box and are idiot proof, so support isn't really needed but there are always questions (thus to this I create this page right now)
So if you're patient, you will get your trial key in most cases.

Why do I have to disable Windows Defender / Antivirus software?
To hinder people from stealing, most of my software is obfuscated / virtualized and muted.
Due to this, Antivirus can not really scan the files well which raises a lot of red flags.
On top of that, the loaders stream data on your computer (the actual cheat / program) and run it.
This behaviour looks to any Antivirus like a Virus.
However, this is also the best way to ensure everyone is updated.

How would I use this the best? How to prepare my computer?
DISABLE SECURE BOOT (delete secure boot keys)
DISABLE TPM (if you can't - set it to 1.2 or discrete mode)

In Windows:
DISABLE UAC (User Account Control)

I got unknown spoofer, how to spoof now?
You should find your answer on this page.

Is the spoofer undetected?
I always try to keep the status of the spoofer updated on this page
If you still get banned after using it, despite it showing green, the reason can be due to loaded drivers on your system from old / detected cheats.
Make sure your "Fast Startup" is disabled in Windows energy settings.
The status may also just have changed recently and you did not see or I don't know about it yet.
BattlEye, Easy Anti-Cheat and all the others are constantly updating, so do I (since 2017 for unknown spoofer for example).

Can I get a refund?
"Refund" is a word you can talk about with Amazon, on here you can ask for a trial first and if you paid for anything, it's my money.
No refunds.

Serial disabled?
You got caught sharing your serial, abusing hwid lock, trying to crack, or issued a charge-back (which by the way will get you into big trouble).

Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, but only using Friend and Family and only in Euro.
I am sick of PayPal locking my accounts for selling game hacks or you guys trying to scam / charge-back on me months after purchase..
PayPal to Bitcoin ->

DEFENDER CONTROL (Download, Run as admin, Disable Defender):
It is important to properly disable windows defender! Download this and run as Administrator.

Drivers (download and install)

This is an unpacker, you have to install it from the folder you unpack it to.

Best Windows
WIN 10 2004 SPECTRE:
Install this windows, select SUPERLITE + WITHOUT DEFENDER. Once done, don't download windows updates. Keep it as it is!
Mirror 1 (
Mirror 2 (