Last update: 15. April 2024 16:26:37 (Europe/Berlin)

✅BattlEye (BE): Undetected
✅Xenuine: Undetected
✅Windows 10/11 (ALL builds)
✅Intel processors
✅AMD processors

Never detected.
Literally never caused any bans and I keep it as simple as possible to stay like that!

▸ Names
▸ Box
▸ HP Text
▸ HP Bar
▸ Tracers
▸ No Recoil
▸ No Spread
▸ Aimbot
▸ Prediction Aim
▸ Show Aim FOV
▸ Aim FOV value
▸ Aim Key
▸ Lock target
▸ Smooth Aim
▸ Third Person
▸▸ External Rendering (very safe!)

5th February 2023

A few examples of user feedback (I often forget to screenshot the feedback and put it here..)