- Uninstall Antivirus / Anti Malware (uninstall not "disable")
- For Windows Defender use this https://www.sordum.org/?s=Defender+Control (run as administrator)
- Set UAC slider down to the lowest
- Make sure SECURE BOOT is disabled (check your bios- delete secure boot keys or google how to do it on your mainboard)
- Make sure FAST BOOT is disabled in your Windows Energy options
- Disable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for Windows in BIOS or if you can't disable it, at least set it to 1.2 or discrete mode.
- Disable "Windows Health Check".
- Disable "Protection against manipulation".
- Disable "Smartscreen".
- Disable / Remove Windows PIN (if you have set a pin and don't remove it, you will not be able to log into your windows profile again)
- Download and install Windows REDISTRIBUTABLES X64 and runtimes:

WIN 10 2004 SPECTRE:
Install this windows, select SUPERLITE + WITHOUT DEFENDER. Once done, don't download windows updates. Keep it as it is!
Mirror 1: https://mega.nz/file/fDZzXIRC#N5lkFtsBUOxDngTwDJHmiN5_5f17x_6lT3EqRLBuNo8
Mirror 2: https://disk.yandex.com/d/EfFyzZEmUqgIQg

How to setup Windows
- download https://rufus.ie portable version
- download a Windows from above
- use rufus program to install Windows iso on USB stick
- reboot computer to boot from USB stick and follow the easy Windows installation, choose "superlite without defender"

Don't want to lose your current system? You could make DUAL BOOT
- Hit Windows key
- type partition -> open the disk management that popsup
- select your main drive (or another) and "shrink" it by round about 100 GB
- rightclick the new unpartitioned space and make it a new gpt / NTFS partition
- download https://rufus.ie portable version
- download a windows from above
- use rufus program to install Windows iso on USB stick
- reboot computer to boot from USB stick and follow the easy Windows installation, choose "superlite without defender"

Always do everything below, whenever you just got banned / before going on a new or different game account!
- SPOOF MAC (persistently, until you re-install network adapters or hit "unpsoof". Might have to re-connect to your WIFI for it to finish during process)
- SPOOF VOLUMES (persistently, requires you to reboot your computer to take effect)
- SPOOF COMPUTER NAME (persistently, requires you to reboot your computer to take effect)
- SPOOF REGISTRY (persistently, requires you to reboot your computer to take effect for some values, some will revert on reboot. Can be undone by hitting "unpsoof")
- SPOOF BIOS (persistently, if it works for your hardware- if not it will change back to default after you restart your computer.)

When you have done everything above properly (don't forget the reboot for the options that need it to be effective), you are now good to select your desired spoof option from the dropdown and hit the SPOOF button.
Until you get banned again or switch your game account, you should be only needing to select an option on the dropdown and hit SPOOF.
Once you get banned or switch your game account, you need to do all the steps again!

If this hasn't worked for you, scroll up and download + install the linked Windows version!

For some games there is big rumor that they sometimes ban your IP too.. for Rust and EFT people said that.
However I can't really confirm it.. probably bullshit but can't tell 100% certain.

I don't know why but people seem to ignore the text on the spoofer so here you go, simple words:
After a ban, restart your computer.
Then start unknown spoofer AND spoof pubg (bottom right dropdown menu + spoof button)
Respond to all questions the spoofer asks with YES or OK and let it do the job.. it will restart the computer when done.
After restart, start the spoofer again and spoof pubg (again) but when it asks to "RUN CLEANER..", you say NO (since you just did that)
Let it run through again, hit YES / OK when it asks more questions and once it is done, start playing on a different PUBG account.

On the bottom right of the spoofer, there is a dropdown where you have to select "SPOOF VALORANT" and hit the "SPOOF" button.
It will ask you if you want to "RUN VALORANT CLEANER", when you just got banned / play on a different account, you should use it!
It will proceed spoofing and restart your computer, after the restart it finishes spoofing on boot.
Once you shutdown your pc or restart it, you will have to spoof again.
You might have to re-install Vanguard Anti-Cheat and spoof again, this time don't run the cleaner!

[1] Open Device Manager
[2] Action -> Scan for hardware changes
[3] go to network adapters
[4] If it has a yellow icon next to it right click it
[5] update
[6] Browse
[7] Let me pick
[8] click next
[9] scan again

permanent changes (can not be reverted):
- cleaners (everything deleted stays deleted)
- bios, it is highly recommended to make a backup of your original bios so you are able to get back to it if you want to.
- volumes

revertable via "UNSPOOF" button:
- registry spoofer (90% of it)
- computer name (100%)
- spoof mac (100%)

reverts automatically with computer restart:
- driver(s) that are used to spoof for example the diskid
- many registry changes